Maryna Poroshenko recollects occupation of Kyiv region in 2022 and evacuation

Source: Petro Poroshenko on YouTube

Maryna Poroshenko, the leader of the ‘European Solidarity’ party faction in Kyiv region council, has visited the areas, which were occupied by Russians at the beginning of the war, and shared her memories.

Near the Romanivskyi bridge, she told how two years ago she helped evacuate residents of Kyiv region under Russian fire. People from Bucha and Irpin were evacuated via this bridge.

She reminded that during the occupation, Russians committed more than 9,000 war crimes, killed more than 1,500 local residents, damaged and destroyed more than 26,000 houses in Kyiv region.

‘Two years later, we have returned to the scene of these sad events. Many residents of Kyiv region were not warned in advance about the war so that they could save their lives and the lives of their loved ones. They remained under occupation and their lives were in danger every day. Even just going out into the street meant that a person could be killed, people were just shot, like in a shooting range,’ Poroshenko recollects.

She also told how people were helping to evacuate the elderly and the disabled. About 20 thousand local residents managed to leave the area under constant Russian strikes. People were moving on foot, with little children and pets.

In the first days after the liberation, Maryna Poroshenko and her team visited Irpin, Bucha, Borodyanka and helped people with food and medicines.

‘We must continue to concentrate our efforts and unite in order to stop the Russian aggressors, expel them from our territory and start building a new Ukraine,’ the former first lady concluded.

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